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The Recruitment School’s Training Programmes provide the most relevant and up to date training  programmes within the ever-changing recruitment industry. Currently we offer two main courses which can be fully bespoken dependent on each individual client’s requirements:

Our Training Courses

Training Academy

The Recruitment School offer a full 10 session classroom-based training programme which is perfect for 0-24 month experienced recruiters.

The course, which is taught one day per week over a 10-week period, teaches best practice 360 techniques that will support your Managers and Team Leaders in developing a full 360 mentality for new recruits.

As The Recruitment School still run a recruitment division, the techniques we teach are relevant and updated regularly in order to adapt to the fast-changing market. These techniques are ones that we use ourselves daily in our own candidate driven market.

The perfect course for Recruitment Businesses that have adopted a “grow their own” model

Management Training

The Billing Manager role is arguably the hardest (if not the most rewarding) in the Recruitment industry.

Despite the difficult transition, few recruitment businesses offer training and support to their newly promoted Managers in their journey to become effective leaders, whilst maintaining their own billing performance.

Our Management course is a 4-session classroom-based training programme that assists new Managers to build their teams whilst remaining a hands-on, billing leader.

One off Full Day Courses

Although we recommend full term courses, we do appreciate that some recruitment businesses may only require support within key areas of the recruitment process. On that basis, we can offer full one day courses on any of the following modules:

Candidate Qualification

Candidate Attraction

Submission & Candidate Control

Job Qualification

Building a Vertical Market

Lead Generation

Spec Selling

Business Development Calls

Client Meetings

Rates Negotiation

Interested in finding out more?

At The Recruitment School, we provide a variety of employment training sessions to companies of all sizes, across the UK.

No training session is the same, get in touch today to discuss a bespoke course for your company.

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